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Monday further solidified that legacy. The team was unable to come to terms with quarterback Kirk Cousins, which leaves him to play on the franchise tag for a second consecutive season. wholesale jerseys.A third season under the franchise tag would mean the team pays him $34 million (or $28 million under the transition tag), and that’s just not going to happen.No matter what happens moving forward, Cousins is going to become one of the highest paid quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. Washington has botched this entire situation, helping lead him to future greener pastures.jerseys for sale.Then would come the situation that literally nobody in hockey, from the players to the owners to the fans, wants to see come to fruition: Referees would have to huddle around an iPad to make a judgment call over whether a team just won the Stanley Cup. Based on the precedent set over the past couple months, it would be almost impossible to guess which way they’d decide.cheap jerseys from china.

“Playoff hockey,” as those around the sport call it because the rules literally change based on the stakes, is different in several ways. The intensity gets ratcheted up, and big names are often nursing injuries. cheap mlb jerseys.More than any other kind of hockey, it’s a war of attrition fostered by the league’s willingness to bend the rulebook in favor of physicality that goes beyond pushing the envelope.The postseason also means putting the game’s referees under the limelight constantly, and entering Game 1 between the Penguins and Predators on Monday (8 p.m. ET, NBC), there’s reason to wonder about what kind of impact they’ll have on who wins.custom jerseys.On the offensive end, there has been notable production from the first line, a combo of Cody Eakin, David Perron, and James Neal. They are providing the highest Corsi For percentage (CF%) as well as Corsi For Relative Percentage (CF% rel). Corsi refers to the percentage of total shots that are taken by a player’s respective team.The Golden Knights are producing high above 50% of shots when any of the trio is on the ice, together or apart. Their CF relative % shows how much better the team’s Corsi is with them on the ice versus when they are off, showing that Vegas is actually conceding more shots than they are taking when they are off the ice.nba jerseys sales.

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